How to make a simple wire loop for jewelry making

Learning how to make an eye loop pin is an essential jewelry making technique that even beginners should put at the top of their list of skills to learn.

The beauty in it is it’s a relatively easy skill but it can be used for adding embellishments to most jump ring jewelry. 

For example, it’s a technique you’ll use in the top jewelry making tutorial here on Linkouture, the freshwater pearl pendant necklace.

Learn how to make your very own pearl and spiral pendant necklace with this diy jewelry tutorial. These necklaces are very delicate and feminine and make for the perfect wedding jewelry or gift idea. It is a great jewelry tutorial for advanced beginners!

Those freshwater pearls in the picture above are pearls on a ball head pin that have been looped to make that little circle at the top. .If you know how to wire looping, then you can do the trickiest part of these necklaces!

In this tutorial you’ll learn:

  • how to put a bead on a head pin
  • how to make loops using a flush cutter and a round plier

hand making eye pin loop with a purple bead

If you’re interested in learning how to make a a wire wrapped loop, I cover that in my jewelry making video course for beginners

Recommended tools for this project:

Most tutorials will show you how to make this with round nose pliers. I do think this is a good jewelry making tool to have in your toolbox. 

That said, I personally prefer the step nose pliers (also known as bail forming pliers).

hand holding step pliers

It’s easier to make loops consistently the same size since the pliers are straight and not tapered. (I use the smallest step to make the wire loop above the bead.)

A few tip on how to make an eye pin loop:

  • I recommend buying some inexpensive craft wire to practice making them before you move onto headpins. 
  • The more you practice how to make an eye loop pin above a bead, the easier it gets and more polished it looks. It does take a bit of practice to get this technique down, and don’t worry if your loops look a bit lop-sided. (In fact, it’s pretty much a guarantee!) 

Alright, now for what you’re here for — the tutorial!

How to make a simple eye loop pin above a bead

Hand holding jewelry plier with pearl

This jewelry making technique is one you'll use again and again!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • small round bead of your choice 
  • head pins or ball head pins


  1. String the bead onto the headpin. pearl on a headpin
  2. Trim off the ends so that there is about 1 cm of pin sticking out above the pearl. hand cutting a headpin with a pearl
  3. Bend the pin at about a 90-degree angle. hand holding a freshwater pearl on a headpin
  4. Grasp the end of the wire between the round nose pliers about 1 cm down and twist the wire around one of the points to make a loop. If you're using the step pliers, hold the wire between the smallest and second smallest steps and wrap the wire around the smallest step. Hand holding jewelry plier with pearl


Make sure the head pin is small enough to fit through the hole of your bead.

Check out this video tutorial to demonstrate how to make a simple eye loop.

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