Season of change

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The seasons of my business ebb and flow throughout the year.

I tend to begin the year finished with making jewelry. After several long months of hustling at shows and making new pieces and fulfilling orders online, I have no desire to look at what I’ve made over the previous year, let alone sit down at my workbench and create.

My mind instead is more focused on channeling my creativity through writing.

Hours spent blogging and editing and perfecting, over-analyzing every word and researching and sharing across social media and sharing some more and responding to comments.

Over time, I start to hit a block.

I’ve recently banged my knee hard on that block.

Out of order

The thought of sitting down at my computer fills me with dread. I reach that point where I forget why I’m doing this. When I sat down during Eve’s nap to look at my to-do list, I groaned when I saw the first thing on my list was to work on this blog post.

I’m approaching a season of change.

Change in my focus on how I spend my working hours. Change in how and where I do work. Change in my entire thinking about my jewelry business and what I want it to be and where I want it go.

It’s an exciting season.

I took the plunge and am setting up my home to do metalsmithing at home. That month between each time I have a chance to work in the local metalsmithing studio where I go is too long. Inspiration is at its peak, and I need to capitalize on it. My fingers itch to create something tangible. 

My fingers are growing tired of the monotony of working at a keyboard. My brain is growing wearisome of the computer screen and coming up with the words. I love blogging, but writing doesn’t always come naturally to me.

That’s not to say I’m done blogging. It’s just the time for me to scale back.

It’s time for me to focus on the season of making jewelry and nourishing new ideas and allowing them to flourish.

To make major changes that exhilarate and inspire me. To finally do the things that I told myself I would do this year. To push myself and grow.

It’s a season of change and I’m welcoming it with open hands.

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