The one simple change I made to make time for creativity

I have this Happiness Planner that I bought at the very end of 2018. I spent all of 2019 intending to start it, but it wasn’t until January 6, 2020, that I FINALLY got it started.

Since then, for the next 100 days, I used it as my weekly & daily planner and a way to reflect upon on the previous week.

After awhile, though, I noticed a trend regarding the days I filled it out and the days I didn’t.

See, there was one key thing I did differently on the days I actually got around to filling. And it dawned on me.

I’ve noticed with certain things in my life — those want-to-do’s but aren’t my have-to-dos — that I struggle do them even though they’re things I REALLY want to do, like filling out my Happiness Journal.

I tell myself, “Ok, Bev, you’re going to do this today.” And in the chaos of daily life, inevitably nighttime arrives and I’m exhausted and yet ANOTHER day had passed and I still hadn’t done that thing I so desperately wanted to do.

Back when I was selling my jewelry, I often struggled with finding time to actually make the jewelry.

handmade jewelry setup with flame firing a ring

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

Between blogging, social media, learning skills to help my business grow and thrive, commitments to creative groups, checking e-mail, and everything else that goes on in a typical a day, a large chunk of my day got gobbled up by the time monster.

And before I knew it, the day was over and I didn’t actually make anything.

Sometimes I found myself going weeks without making jewelry. 

This all changed when I received an e-mail from April Bowles-Olin Blacksburg Belle entitled “Make This One Change to Secure More Time to Create.” (Of course, I was so busy it took a day before I actually opened the e-mail.)

So what was that one thing she recommended?

Do something creative as soon as you wake up.

Whatever your outlet is, whether it be writing, painting, knitting, or making jewelry, spend time on it before you really get your day started.

Sounds simple enough, right? April challenged her readers to try it for a week. I took her up on her challenge and spent the next five days making jewelry before I did anything else. 

And you know what? I was able to make so much jewelry in such a short period of time. I even found the inspiration to design a new bracelet.

By carving out even just a small chunk of time first thing every morning, I ensured that I didn’t let the minutia of running my business get in the way of finding time to make jewelry. 

After you try this simple trick for making time in your day for jewelry making, tag me on Facebook and let me know if you did it.

Bonus points if you post a picture of what you worked on!