The Linkouture shop is closed

Thank so you much for visiting! After almost 8 years since I first started selling jewelry online, in August 2019 I decided to close my online shop.

(You can read more about that below if you’re interested.)

If you’re interested in buying jewelry, you can learn about other eco-friendly jewelry brands in a blog post I wrote here.

Otherwise, I have tons of great information I would love to share with you:

In 2011, I had an idea to try selling my handmade jewelry online. I had a name for my jewelry shop, about five pieces with poorly lit photos, and no understanding of how to run a business, but I knew that I just had to do it. On November 15, 2011, I opened my Esty shop.

I could have never imagined where that would take me.

  • I started blogging
  • I learned about marketing
  • Wrote and self-published a book
  • Improved my metalsmithing skills and gained the confidence to do that at home
  • Attended conferences
  • Met fellow business owners.

I gained a whole new identity as an entrepreneur, something I definitely never envisioned for myself.

I love the creative aspect of running a handmade business and getting to make things with my hands. It’s been so much fun to learn new techniques and see my style evolve over the years.

But there’s so much I don’t enjoy, and one of the biggest things was the hustle of the last four months of the year. My daughters’ birthdays and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, are smack dab in the midst of the busy season. I always resented having to spend so much time thinking about making sales and promoting my shop and doing shows when I wanted to use that time to enjoy the season and relax with my family and attend holiday parties with friends. It feels like such a relief to have come to this decision.

That’s why I made the decision to close my shop.

I also really want to focus my energy on my new blog, Bev Goes Green.

With seven years of content still up on this website and a steady stream of traffic, I decided to rebrand Linkouture and turn it back into a blog. I hope you’ll decide to stick around!