It all started with a speck of an idea

In December, when I had hit my holiday season slump, I had an idea. It was a small idea, a tiny speck on the spectrum of thoughts that come and go with each passing day.

On a Sunday morning I bundled up in my oversized blue winter coat, white knitted hat, and purple Peruvian alpaca scarf. With the cold Boston winter air nipping at my face, I made my way to the jewelry metalsmithing studio, the place where ideas are born and my creativity flourishes.

I spent the bulk of that day playing with that idea.

I nudged it along, shaping it with my mind and hands, watching it grow and come to life.

It took the form of a necklace.

Linkouture sterling silver necklace

I was onto something.

When I returned to the studio in January, the idea had swelled. With my mind focused on the music of the saw blade ringing against metal and the heat of the torch warming my face, the ideas once again took shape in my hand.

Sterling silver hammered bracelet by Linkouture

Linkouture sterling silver hammered earrings

In February, with that speck now fully blossomed, I braved the coldest day in my memory to head out to the studio once more. The air was so frigid that my car would not start, and I had to bundle the purple alpaca scarf around my face so that only my eyes peeked through.

Neither snow nor rain or biting cold would stop me from the pull of that idea and the opportunity to coax it out in the metalsmithing studio.

Linkouture sterling silver statement necklace

Linkouture sterling silver minimalist earrings

Linkouture hammered sterling silver necklace

That spec of an idea is now a full-fledged jewelry line. Handcrafted jewelry for the modern woman, featuring feminine hammered sterling silver bracelets, earrings, and necklace, now made by hand in my home studio.

(Because I can no longer wait for those month-long waits between studio visits.)

Bev Feldman of Linkouture wearing sterling silver hammered jewelry

Linkouture sterling silver hammered bracelet

Linkouture sterling silver hammered earrings

Linkouture sterling silver hammered earrings and necklace

Gorgeous photos by Lorna Stell, and thank you to Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor for modeling the jewelry!