If you've got a pile of supplies and no clue how to use them to make a piece of jewelry you'd feel confident gifting, read on...

silver jump rings spilling out of a bag
freshwater pearl earrings and necklace in a gift box

Get step-by-step video directions to help you make your own pearl earrings & necklace set, perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself 

In these online tutorials, you'll get video instructions to:

  • Make a wire eye loop above a bead
  • Make a freshwater pendant pearl necklace from start to finish
  • Make a coordinating pair of earrings from start to finish  

You'll be ready to make your own earrings & necklace set to gift!


Give your pieces as gifts that your friends and family will adore!

hand holding white gift box with matching earring and necklace set

After watching these tutorials, you'll be ready to create stunning earrings & necklace sets to gift -- or to keep for yourself! 



Bev Feldman is a business owner, blogger, and mother of two young girls. When she’s not juggling school projects, carpools, and playdates, she’s working on her blog Bev Goes Green, or her renowned jewelry business.  

Bev has been a metalsmith and jewelry designer for over 20 years. She loves everything about the creation process -- the challenge of turning a piece of metal into something beautiful and wearable has always inspired her.  

Now, she’s ready to pass her years of experience on to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the class?

Right now! You'll get instant access to the video tutorials as soon as you pay and register.

What if I can't make I can't watch it right away?

You'll have access unlimited access to the class. Even if you can't watch it now come back when it's convenient for you! However, I do recommend you watching it as soon as possible. That way you can start making the jewelry in time for Mother's Day!

How long is it?

There are three separate videos are about 10 minutes total. 

What language are the tutorials?  

The videos are in American English.

Get the videos for $17