• You have a Pinterest board filled with eye-catching DIY jewelry making tutorials, but you’re overwhelmed with design ideas and figuring out the right project to start with. 
  • Or maybe you’ve watched a few YouTube videos and have a few techniques you can do, but you’re feeling stuck with how to put them all together. 
  • And what if you finally try to make a piece of jewelry and it looks nothing like in the videos you watched?

Besides, even if you knew what you were doing, who has the time

You have real responsibilities eating up all your time:

  • Children to shuttle from music classes to soccer practice while you somehow fit in grocery shopping and laundry
  • An aging parent to care for while managing your own household

  • A demanding job that leaves you with barely enough energy to mindlessly scroll through Facebook at the end of the day. 

If only you could put everything aside and so you could actually learn how to make jewelry.  

This is exactly where I was about a decade ago. 

As much as I yearned to do something creative, I felt I lacked the skills, confidence, and time to make my own jewelry. 

Maybe you feel similarly? 

  • There isn’t space in you life for creative activities like making jewelry
  • You’ve lost the belief that you have a creative bone in your body
  • You’re so overwhelmed by all the project ideas that you find yourself staring at your computer
Pile of beads in hands

Hey, there! I'm Bev.

I've always loved making things with my hands. As things got busy and life got in the way, I put my creative pursuits on hold. 

I really wanted to learn how to make jewelry, but trips to the local craft store left me feeling overwhelmed with the choices and tools. 

I didn’t have a clue where to begin.

I finally settled on a simple kit and made a pair of earrings. They looked like something I would have made when I was 10, but I attempted something I hadn’t done in years. My confidence began to grow.  

After that I went on a bead-buying spree, only to once again have no idea what to do with them. 

I was back to where I was, feeling deflated and full of doubt, with a bunch of materials and tools collecting dust.  

What I needed was a simple jewelry style that didn't require knowledge of color theory or complicated tools.

That's when I stumbled onto chainmaille jewelry. 

It allowed me to:

  • find a creative outlet that used my small pockets of free time
  • use my huge supply of freshwater pearls without having to learn some complicated techniques
  • create jewelry that was feminine and beautiful but was super easy to make

Jewelry that not only did I enjoy wearing, but that others did as well! 

And the best part? 

It was simple enough to make that I could make (and sell) it while taking care of my newborn!


Metal to Masterpiece  

An online course to kickstart your jewelry making hobby, designed especially for beginners. 

The perfect learning tool for time-strapped caregivers, stay-at-home moms, and hectic professionals...

...who want to use their small chunks of free time to create simple but beautiful jewelry to gift or to sell.

Very informative and now I know so much more about making jewelry that I ever did. Thank you for teaching me.

— Wanda C.

In Metal to Masterpiece you'll learn how to...

Jumpstart your DIY journey with just a few tools & materials  

(saving you money on supplies that you never use and just end up collecting dust)  

Focus your time mastering just a few simple techniques  

(without wasting time on YouTube trying to figure out what tutorials you need to watch first)  

Create stunning jewelry with ease that will wow your friends and family  

(no more feeling overwhelmed by all the design possibilities!)  

Earrings on a mug

"This course is complete and very thorough."  

-Dierdre M.-

Here's what's inside Metal to Masterpiece

  • Jewelry Making Video Series (Value: $60)  

20 bite-sized videos that are 30 seconds - 3 minutes in length each where you’ll learn about several common jewelry-making tools, supplies, and techniques, including The Spiral Method.  

Jewelry Making Fundamentals Screenshots

  • Toolbox Checklist (Value: $5)  

This handy downloadable checklist will help you to build your jeweler's toolbox. Get the exact jewelry making pliers you need to start making beautiful jewelry at home!  

jewelry making tools checklist

  • Tutorials (Value: $14)  

Downloadable instructions with text and images.  

Jewelry making images with words

  • Materials Checklist (Value: $10)  

A downloadable checklist with all the materials used in the course 


Checklist of jewelry making supplies

Plus you'll get the following bonuses:

BONUS #1: Jewelry Makers Virtual Supply Box (Value: $60)  

Downloadable PDF of the EXACT supplies used for each tutorial.


BONUS: Tumble Magic (Value: $17)  

Learn how to use a jewelry tumbler to give your pieces strength and shine without any harmful chemicals. It also includes links to where you can purchase the materials needed for tumbling your own jewelry creations.  

Black and red toolbox
Video overlay of a jewelry tumbler

BONUS: How to Make a Pair of Freshwater Pearl Earrings (Value: $7)  

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to put together many of the skills you'll learn in the course to create one of my most popular tutorials and one of my best-selling earrings.  

BONUS: Wire Basics Masterclass (Value: $27)  

Finally learn what the heck wire gauge, hardness, and shape all mean! It includes a glossary page that breaks down the common terms.  

Hand holding a pair of earrings superimposed on a computer screen
Hand touching jewelry wire superimposed on computer screen

Total Value: $200

Get it for just $37!



"I feel the course is very concise, and the videos show exactly what you need to know and how to do it. I was very happy to see links to purchase supplies if needed and at really reasonable prices too. Thanks for producing this series...It has helped me immensely as I tend to learn better visually and it has improved my mindset so that I can do this myself."  

-Diane D.- 

Metal to Masterpiece Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee symbol
  • If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course after 5 days, I’ll offer you a full refund.  
  • Take the full 5 days to explore the course and experience Metal to Masterpiece and THEN... make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.  

Why now? Why not next month?

With your limited time wouldn’t you rather spend it learning and creating rather than wasting your precious time scrolling through Pinterest getting overwhelmed?

Woman making jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

What level is the course suitable for?  

This course is for beginners or people who want to learn new techniques.

I see that you have free tutorials on your website. How is this different? 

This is a full course that breaks down all the skills, tools, and materials so that you can make the tutorials on the Linkouture website. This course also includes videos with transcribed instructions which you will not find on the website. 

When does the course begin?

Once you enroll in Metal to Masterpiece, you'll have access to all the content and can work through the content at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have unlimited access to it. In the event that I stop selling the course, you will receive advance notice and will be able to download the content.

Does this course include the tools & materials?  

The course price does not include physical tools & materials, but it does give you links to the exact ones. No more digging around the internet trying to find what you need!  

"I just went through your free course and I loved it! I felt like the videos were just long enough to give me the information, but not too long that I started zoning out."  

-Jennilee B.-

Are you ready to stop wishing you could make beautiful jewelry and start creating?

Woman making jewelry

I know how it easy it is to look at a piece of jewelry and wish you had the time and knowledge to make it yourself 

Here’s the truth.

You could spend hours scrolling through Pinterest wishing you could make all of the beautiful pieces you see in your feed.

Or you could focus your limited learning the skills & tools to start making jewelry with support to get you there.

Metal to Masterpiece is here make your dream of learning to make jewelry a reality.

See you on the inside!