How to make a spiral chain bracelet

After my older daughter was born, the first piece of jewelry I made was a chunky Byzantine bracelet. Though I tend to gravitate toward lighter, understated pieces, with bracelets I favor something a little more substantial.

Sadly, after a year and a half, after returning from an emotional trip to California to attend my great-aunt’s funeral and a long day flying back home, the bracelet fell off my wrist.

I was crushed.

Though I could easily remake the bracelet again, it had sentimental value that could not be replaced. Not to mention it wasn’t in my budget at the time to buy the materials to make a new one.

Later in the year, though, I decided to reward myself with a new bracelet. It would never replace the original, but I could at least have back the bracelet that brought me so much joy. (Plus my wrist felt naked without it!)

Before I made the new one, however, I was tempted to keep for myself another chunky bracelet I had made. Specifically, this one:

Learn how to make your own elegant and beautiful spiral chain bracelet with these simple DIY tutorial. It makes a beautiful gift idea for that special woman in your life!

I love the way this DIY bracelet feels on my wrist.

It feels substantial without weighing down your wrist, and despite its simplicity, it’s super elegant, especially if you jazz it up with a unique clasp.

Me? I like to keep it simple with a basic lobster clasp.

I’m going to show you how you can make your very own spiral chain bracelet so you can finish it however you like and create the perfect piece to adorn your wrist.

bracelet with hands making it

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How to make a spiral chain bracelet

silver chain bracelet on a rock

This chain bracelet has a wonderful weight to it and looks really elegant, but is surprisingly easy to make -- especially once you get the hang of making the spirals and connecting them to each other!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Difficulty Advanced Beginner


Jump Rings

  • About 60-100 large open jump rings (for a 7-inch bracelet I used 85 18-gauge 7mm ID rings)
  • 30-50 small (for a 7-inch bracelet I used I used 35 18-gauge 3.5 mm ID rings)
  • 1 extra jump ring (I used about a 16 gauge 5 mm ring)

Other materials

  • Lobster clasp


  1. With the larger jump rings, make a series of 5-ring Mobius spiral. (This tutorial shows you how to do that!) You want enough of them so that they just fit around your wrist.
  2. Loop the small jump ring through the center of two spirals and then close it securely, making sure that that it doesn’t go through any of the individual rings of the spiral. Repeat this with a second small jump ring so that two small jump rings connect the two spirals like so: two connected silver spirals
  3. Continue connecting the spirals together until it is just smaller than the desired length of your bracelet.
  4. On one end of the bracelet, use one of the small jump rings to attach your lobster clasp.
  5. On the other end attach on last jump ring. I like using a slightly thicker one, but you can use one of the small ones. Close up tight and attach it with two other jump rings. pliers with silver chain bracelet
  6. Ta-dah, you’re done! Now time to enjoy wearing your beautiful new bracelet. silver chain bracelet on a rock


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silver chain bracelet on a rock

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