DIY pearl necklace and earring set

This beautiful DIY jewelry necklace and earring set is the PERFECT gift idea!

No matter the occasion — Mother’s Day, Christmas, or birthday — if you’re looking for a truly spectacular handmade jewelry craft, I’ve got you covered with this easy jump ring jewelry tutorial.

white gift box with matching silver and pearl earrings and necklace

hand holding gift box with pink and silver freshwater pearl earring necklace setWhat’s really great about this set is that it’s perfect for beginners and it uses only a few jewelry supplies. (So you don’t be stuck with a ton of supplies collecting dust on your craft shelf.)

hands holding pliers and silver and freshwater pearl earring

Here’s what you’ll learn in this jewelry tutorial:

  • How to create a simple wire loop above a bead.
  • How to open and close jump rings the RIGHT way (spoiler alert: you’re probably doing it wrong!)
  • How to make this Mobius spiral — once you’ve mastered this technique, you can make so many other gorgeous jewelry crafts!

Once you have these skills down, this homemade earrings and necklace set can be put together in under an hour. 

Jewelry supplies & materials you’ll need to MAKE THIS JUMP RING JEWELRY SET:

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hands making silver and pearl jewelry

Jewelry making tools needed:

Jewelry making materials needed:

  • Three freshwater pearl beads in the color of your choice (choose pearls that are about 5-6 mm in diameter. A quick note: you usually have to buy a strand of pearls, so my suggestion is to have a craft night with your friends and split a strand, or save them for a future project.
  • A set of fish hook ear wires (get these and the rest of the supplies listed below at your local craft store)
  • Silver lobster clasp (or another metal of your choice)
  • Silver chain (or another metal of your choice)
  • At least three head pins or ball pins (again, silver or the metal of your choice)
  • Sterling silver jump rings in the following sizes (or another metal of your choice). I highly recommend the Etsy shop CreatingUnkamen for jump rings (and most of the supplies listed above). They’re who I used when I first started making jump ring jewelry and they’re amazing to work with!
    • 6 18-gauge 7.0 mm ID rings
    • 4 18-gauge 3.5 or 3.75 mm ID rings
    • 6 gauge 4.0 mm ID rings
    • 3 16-gauge 9 or 11 mm ID rings (or something within that range)
    • 2 22-gauge 2.2 mm ID rings

hands holding gift box with pink and silver freshwater pearl earring necklace set

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