Simple jewelry making for beginners

You have a Pinterest account filled with eye-catching DIY jewelry making tutorials, but you’re overwhelmed with design ideas. 

Or maybe you’ve watched a few YouTube videos and have a few techniques you can do, but you’re feeling stuck with how to put them together to actually make a necklace or bracelet. 

And what if you finally try to make a piece of jewelry and it looks nothing like in the videos you watched?

I believe that anyone can learn how to make your own jewelry, even if you think you don't have time. You just need to start simple.

hands making silver and pearl jewelry
woman hammering handmade sterling silver jewelry on a steel mandrel

Hey there, I'm Bev!

My passion for teaching, creativity, and being organized helps you to carve out time for learning jewelry making as a way to calm the chaos of everyday life.

I’m a mom of two little girls juggling carpools, playdates, a business, and a personal blog.

I’m also a jewelry designer and metalsmith (and until August 2019, sold my handmade jewelry right here on this website!) and educator. I help busy people launch their jewelry hobby in their small pockets of free time.

When you become a part of the Linkouture community, you'll learn to create simple yet elegant handmade jewelry at home.

silver chain bracelet on a rock