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A clever (and cheap!) DIY hack to organize your jewelry

You throw on a pair of jeans that lay crumpled on the floor next to your bed and pull a shirt on over your head that is only mildly wrinkled. You take one last gulp of your coffee, which, like most days, has become tepid by the time you finally have a chance to drink it. As you rummage through the mess of jewelry that lays scattered on your dresser, you let out a frustrated grunt under your breath wondering where your favorite pair of earrings is in that jumbled pile.

I get it. You’d think as a jewelry designer I’d do a better job of organizing my jewelry, but the truth is after a long day sometimes I just end up tossing what I wore onto an ever-growing pile. Necklaces and earrings get tangled together, silver jewelry becomes gray and dull with tarnish from too much exposure to the air.

Lucky for us, there is a really simple (and fun!) solution to getting your jewelry situation from hot mess to beautifully organized, for under $10. 

Please note: this post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on them and make a purchase I will earn a small commission. 

To make your display you will need:

  • A picture frame*
  • Piece of foam board that is at least the size of the picture frame
  • Piece of fabric bigger than the frame (in this case, I used an old pillowcase)*
  • Glue (nothing fancy, can be your child’s glue)
  • Ruler & Xacto knife OR scissors
  • (Optional) spray paint

*I recommend purchasing the frame & piece of fabric from a thrift store to save on costs. In my case, I purchased them at Goodwill

Before you get started, make sure the fabric is free of wrinkles, so iron it out if need be. If your frame needs a little retouching, spray paint it and allow it to fully dry, following the directions on the can, before you proceed.

How to make the DIY jewelry organizer

Trace a piece of foam board so that it will fit snugly inside the frame.

Make a beautiful DIY jewelry organizer with just a few cheap supplies. It is the perfect way to display your jewelry on the wall or prop up on a table.

You can either use scissors to cut along the lines, or use a ruler and guide an X-acto knife to cut it.

Make a beautiful DIY jewelry organizer with just a few cheap supplies. It is the perfect way to display your jewelry on the wall or prop up on a table.

Lay the piece of foam board over the piece of fabric so that there is a bit of extra fabric around each edge of the foam board (1/2 inch on all edges should be sufficient). Glue two adjacent sides of the fabric to what will be the back side of the foam board. (I just used basic white Elmer’s glue.)

Make a beautiful DIY jewelry organizer with just a few cheap supplies. It is the perfect way to display your jewelry on the wall or prop up on a table.

Once it has dried, pull the fabric taut and glue the two remaining edges.

Make a beautiful DIY jewelry organizer with just a few cheap supplies. It is the perfect way to display your jewelry on the wall or prop up on a table.

Once it is dry, pop it into the frame with the fabric part facing forward. If there are tabs in the back of the frame, bend them down to keep the fabric-covered foam board secure. Otherwise, you can tape the back so it will stay in securely.

Hang it up, prop it against a wall, or stick it in a stand, and you’re set to go! I used jewelry u-pins to hang the jewelry from, but any decorative push pins will work. It looks great paired next to some painted bracelet bottles!

How do you keep your jewelry organized?

Make a beautiful DIY jewelry organizer with just a few cheap supplies. It is the perfect way to display your jewelry on the wall or prop up on a table.

A version of this post first appeared on The Organizzed Mama 

How a shift in my morning routine led to positive changes in my entire day

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by CLEAR CARE® PLUS as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I received financial compensation for my participation and endorsement.

There was a time in my life I set my alarm for 5:00 am. As a stay-at-home mom of a small child, and simultaneously trying to build my business, those two hours in the morning before she woke up were gold. So I would diligently wake up, regardless of what my body was telling me, and immediately open up my computer and begin to work.

While I was able to bang out a fair amount of work during those early hours, I probably was not doing my best work. I wasn’t giving my body and mind the care it needed to be fueled for the day. Given the demands of taking care of a small child AND working from home, my morning routine was in desperate need of an upgrade.

I was reluctant at first. By allowing myself to wake up naturally and not jumping right into work the moment I awoke felt like squandering precious time, but I decided to try something different. I began easing into my day instead of diving in headfirst. Now, my days start by following my body’s natural rhythm and waking up when it’s ready. Then it’s a cool glass of water followed by a yoga video.

Until I upgraded my morning with yoga, I never saw the benefit of the practice.

Sure, it could be centering, but to me “real” exercise meant constantly moving my body and sweat dripping down my face.

How wrong I was.

Starting my day with yoga has not only be calming for the mind, but it is most definitely a workout. I have mornings that leave my core aching for days, that satisfying ache that lets you know you really worked your muscles. I see the strength building in my arms and legs and my body becoming more flexible with each day.

It also forces me to slow down and appreciate the day.

I might not get as much checked off my to-do list in the morning, but upgrading my morning routine has allowed me to be more productive because I’m fully rested and I’m not rushing from one thing to the next.

This is not the only upgrade I have made in my adulthood.

I have been wearing contact lenses since I was a sophomore in college. While this change improved my quality of life in many ways, it also led to some major nuisances. Specifically, dry eyes and blurry contacts that actually made it more difficult to see at times.

Even though I was frustrated, I continued using it because I didn’t realize I had other options.

Years later, after I switched optometrists, the first thing he recommended was I dump my multipurpose solution and switch to CLEAR CARE®, and more recently I have been using CLEAR CARE® PLUS. I could feel the difference and have been a devoted user since.


With CLEAR CARE® PLUS, you can actually see the bubbles working. I find great pleasure in watching the solution work its magic and bubble up as soon as I stick the contact cartridge in the solution. CLEAR CARE® PLUS works hard to loosen dirt, deep clean, and remove protein from your contacts with the disinfecting power of hydrogen peroxide.


It’s an upgrade in my life that I wish I had taken earlier.

CLEAR CARE® PLUS is taking upgrades to the next level with the Bubble Upgrade™ Sweepstakes. From 8/10/16 to 9/6/16, a winner will be selected every Wednesday to win an upgrade experience (each valued at over $10,000), spanning categories from sports, travel, and self-improvement.


View the sweepstakes here to learn more and for official rules, and discover the amazing prizes! 

Mama Maker Monday: Hilary Gingell of Just One Elle

There is so much creativity in this world and so many amazing moms who are owning their creativity. Each Monday you will get to read about a different mom who is building her business from it. They will share the joys and challenges that come with owning a creative business (especially when you’re a mom), how having a creative outlet complements their role as a mom, and how they involve their children in it.

To kick it off, I’m featuring Hilary Gingell of Just One Elle. As she explains about the name of her business. “I spent my whole life telling people how to spell my name….Hilary with just one L.”

Hilary is the mom of four kids: Graysen, age 9; Molli, age 5; Maggi, age 3; and Nathan, age 1.

Hilary of Just One Elle makes handcrafted decorative signs for your home.
Photos courtesy of Hilary Gingell

She turned her experience working in a vinyl store into a full-blown business making home decor signs with inspiring messages.

Hilary of Just One Elle makes handcrafted decorative signs for your home.

Tell us a little bit about your business and how you got started. What inspired you to start a handmade business?

I started working at a vinyl store at the mall to make ends meet as a single Mom. I decided to take my tax returns that year and buy my own vinyl machine and try and make some money on the side from home. I did that for a number of years while working a corporate job. I had an awesome job, loved it, made great money, and was doing well. The company decided to send my entire department to another state and let us all go. I was so mad. I applied for every position I could within the company just to stay with them, and they didn’t accept me for a darn one of them! I was going to get a severance of 6 weeks pay, and had to cash out my 401K, so I told my husband I would try to make my business work, and once that money ran out I would go find a job back in the corporate world. It has been 2 years and I have never looked back! I was sort of forced into it, but I think I needed that push!

What do you like best about having your own business? What are some of your biggest challenges?

I love the flexibility that it provides with my kids. I love that I get to still be a Mom, and make money and have a purpose. I love that I can drive them to tumbling, and then go home and work to pay for tumbling.

One of my biggest challenges is organizing! It’s not my strong suit! I know that I could be so much more successful if my brain would just organize!

How do you manage being a business owner and being a parent? What tips would you offer for other moms thinking about starting their own business?

Be easy on yourself. You aren’t going to have the perfect house, perfectly dressed kids, and perfect business. You will have each of those things at a different time, but never together! I roll with the punches, and really every day is a roller coaster ride! If you want to start your own business awesome! I will forever encourage everyone I meet to be an entrepreneur and start their own business. It is amazing and exhausting and the best thing I’ve ever done!

How does having these creative outlets benefit you in your role as a mom? How do you involve your children in your creative work?

It allows me to think outside the box both in my business and in my role as a Mom. For example, my son decided he wanted to start working for me to earn money to build a fort in the back yard. I love that my kids are watching me. Not only are they watching me earn money for our family, but they’re watching me work with my hands in building, painting, and using my imagination to create. My kids all love to help! My oldest son has learned how to safely use the nail gun to help me nail pallets together. He is also great at helping me stain projects.

My Molli is a great helper with the baby. She will read to him and play with him so I can get work done. Maggi loves to hand me screws. She will sit right by my side with a tiny handful of screws just waiting til I need the next one. I want them to always be involved in my business to realize the importance of working for yourself, and working hard.

When you are not working on your business, what do you like to do with your time?

I love to travel and take the kids to new places. This summer we took a 10 day road trip into Southern Oregon, and California. We even camped out in the Redwood Forest for a night! I love to build furniture for our house, I love to paint walls and doors fun colors, and I spend a lot of time at the hardware store drooling over the next tool I want to buy! I enjoy collecting baby carriers as well!!

You can connect with Hilary and find out more about purchasing her beautiful handmade signs on her Facebook page

It’s the little things

We sat on your bedroom floor on Saturday evening, your warm body tucked below my right arm as I read you a library book, when the doorbell rang.

“Our friend is here!” I announced as we both scrambled to our feet.

We ran downstairs to greet our friend whom we had not seen in over a year. Though you knew she was coming, you stood off to the side. Just like your mama was as a young child, you need some time to warm up to adults whom you have not seen in awhile.

You looked at her with a shy but inquisitive look on your face, staring at her while she began to engage you with questions. As she showered you with her undivided attention, she handed you a small gift. Specifically, a mylar flower balloon on a stick.


How amazing was that balloon? Immediately you began playing with it, pulling it off its stick and putting it back on, waving it around in the air and improvising songs. You giggled with excitement, your face filling with your infectious smile.

It never ceases to amaze me how much joy you find in the simple pleasures of life.

One of the things I have found I enjoy most about having you in my life is it reminds me to seek out these little nuggets. In a life filled with technology and virtual escapes at our fingertips, it’s important to remember the little things in life that bring us this type of satisfaction and utter delight.

For this month’s Who I Am Project, the brainchild of Dana from Kiss My List and co-hosted by yours truly, I want to share with you the little nuggets of life that I love, both from when I was a child and now as an adult.

The simple joys of my childhood…

Bev of Linkouture in middle school

Fresh school supplies and blank notebooks

Immersing myself in The Babysitter’s Club series or a novel by Judy Blume

Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup sundaes at Friendly’s with Grandpa

A freshly poured glass of ice-cold coke at dinner

Reading books in silly voices to Auntie Danie

Listening to her giggle as I pretended to eat her “corn on the cob arm”

Eating piles of warm Belgian waffles on Sunday mornings (I would eat so many Nana & Grandpa had to cut me off!)

Waking up before everyone else on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, fold origami, and build with Legos

Bev at birthday party

Getting crafty in Nana and Grandpa’s basement

Spending hours at the pool, diving to the bottom of the deep end and playing games with my friends

Counting as many decorated houses as I could in December on the 45-minute drive home from my grandparent’s house

Trick-or-treating with my best friend and taking inventory of all the different types of candy we collected

Building sandcastles

And now…

A fresh, blank notebook — unlined, of course

Colorful pens and filling pages with words and doodles


Immersing myself in a good book

A steaming mug of coffee in the morning, with just a splash of half & half

The sucking sounds of hot metal being quenched in water

Listening to your squeals of laughter when I tickle you

The crunch of fallen leaves in fall and fresh snow in winter

Digging my fingers in sand

The smoothness of my feet after a pedicure

Walking on a shaggy rug in bare feet

Sharing an ice cream sundae with you

The pop and fizzle of a freshly opened carbonated beverage

Collecting shells and rocks at the beach

This is month six of the “Who I Am” project. This month the prompt is “Things that you love/hate, or scare/annoy you” and like my previous posts, I wrote this as if I were speaking to Eve (and any other children I have in the future). 


The “Who I Am” project is a year-long monthly series that my friend Dana at Kiss My List started, as a way to create a virtual scrapbook of your life to tell your kids, grandkids, spouse, friends, or whoever who you are. You can link up our posts, which goes live the third Tuesday of the month, on either of our blogs, and sign up to receive the prompts at the beginning of each month via e-mail. The themes so far have been Childhood, Love, and Quirks & Habits, How you’ve changed since you were a childFavorite Places, and Betcha Didn’t Know

What are the simple pleasures in life that bring you joy?

Friday Finds: Back to School

As a child, I took great pleasure in shopping for back to school. There was something about a box of unsharpened pencils; rows of still-pointy crayons; and crisp, blank notebooks. Everything was shiny and new, and promised a year of intrigue, learning, and hopefully fantastic teachers.

I absolutely loved back-to-school shopping and prepping for the first day of school.

Here in the Northeast, we start school in early September, so back-to-school shopping typically happened for me in August. Whether your child still has a few weeks left of summer vacation, or school prep happened weeks ago, I have picked out a few adorable handmade Etsy finds for back-to-school for this year or beyond. Many of these also make for beautiful birthday gift ideas, so be sure to pin this for future reference!

Fox Crayon Roll by Grandma’s Chalkboard

Looking for some cute new back to school supplies? These handmade Etsy finds are more special than what you'll find at the big box stores!

Instead of a boring crayon box, spruce up your kiddo’s new school supplies with an adorable crayon roll that can easily be tucked into a pocket in their schoolbag and carried with them for some on-the-go creativity.

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Back to school felt hairclip by Masterpieces of Fun Art

Looking for some cute new back to school supplies? These handmade Etsy finds are more special than what you'll find at the big box stores!

Get your little one back-to-school ready — and keep their hair looking great — with this adorable mini notebook hairclip.

Insulated lunch bag by The Fuzzy Stitch

Looking for some cute new back to school supplies? These handmade Etsy finds are more special than what you'll find at the big box stores!

This lunch bag will make any science lover totally geek out! Big enough to fit a small water bottle and several food containers, your child’s snack and lunch are guaranteed to stay the right temperature. It’s also lined with nylon so you can easily clean any spills.

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Lollipop Erasers by missHAQU

Looking for some cute new back to school supplies? These handmade Etsy finds are more special than what you'll find at the big box stores!

Was anyone else obsessed with cute erasers as a child? These adorable lollipops look good enough to eat!

Wonder Woman Reusable Lunch Bag by Remiusables

Looking for some cute new back to school supplies? These handmade Etsy finds are more special than what you'll find at the big box stores!

Forget ziplock bags that get thrown away, these reusable snack & sandwich bags are both fun and better for the environment. They are lined with BPA-free food-safe waterproof fabric that can be thrown into your washing machine.

Personalized Teacher Pouch by Mamableu Designs

Looking for some cute new back to school supplies? These handmade Etsy finds are more special than what you'll find at the big box stores!

Show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate her with a hand-painted cotton pouch.

Do you enjoy back-to-school shopping?

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